Floor Flakes Sample Box (Summer Blend)

Floor Flakes Sample Box (Summer Blend)


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The Floor Flakes Sample Box is full of our favorite summer colors.

Floor Flakes Color: 206 Cam, 212 Doak, 215 Metrodome, 217 Beaver, 222 Reliant, 211 Superdome, 9978 Tomato (Solid), 225 Humphrey, 312 Space Odyssey, 426 Green Bay, 329 Imperial, 230 Cardinal, 208 Miller, 1020 Silver (Glitter), 314 Platteville, 973 Robin, 1050 Gold (Glitter), 210 Ram, 209 Yellow Jacket, 416 Merlot, 223 Bucky, 411 Domino, 302 Lighthouse, 2020 Holographic (Glitter)
Dry Film Thickness: 4-5 mils dry
Shape: Random

Discover the transformative power of our epoxy floor flakes, where the bold and vibrant colors are not just an addition, but a revelation, turning your epoxy flake floor or craft project into an extraordinary spectacle of magnificence. Our flakes are versatile enough to enhance a variety of spaces, from the everyday appeal of garage floors to the high-traffic resilience of auto collision centers and tumblers.

For orders (And Discounts!) over 40 pounds, please call (888) 45-EPOXY or (479) 370-0000.

12 in stock


Get your Floor Flakes Sample Box while they last!

A typical system will yield an approximate dry film thickness of 15-30 mils.

For best results, 10-15 mils of a topcoat is recommended to embed Floor Flakes and provide a durable wearing surface.


Lab Tested Resin Compatibility

• Epoxies
• Methyl Methacrylates (MMA)
• Moisture Cure Urethanes (MCU)
• Polyaspartics
• Polyureas
• Polyurethanes
• 100% Solids systems
• Solvent-borne systems
• Water-based systems
• And others…

Our epoxy flakes are used for crafts, crafting, garage floors, commercial kitchens, outdoor patios, tables, countertops, porches, walls, and more.

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